After you, dearest language
After you, dearest language
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Conceived as a hypertext in book form, After you, dearest language is an alphabetical index of the author's dreams and visions.

"…Martinez's book works as both a dream index and an index of dreams. Martinez converts the associative impulse of the Surrealists to a literal cross-reference, a gesture which is also this book's unique contribution to the abecedarian trend…" —JOYELLE MCSWEENEY, Rain Taxi

"This linguistic navigation, much like Barthes by Barthes and Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Words, articulates one’s (often inarticulate, and yes, mysterious) interior and its relationship to exteriority." —CLAUDIA MILIAN

"A subtle and beautifully-crafted exploration of a personal language… but clothed in song, clothed in the visionary power of poetry. Language as a method against evil … " —GUILLERMO JUAN PARRA

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