Via Dissimulata
Via Dissimulata
Octopus Books

Poet, musician, and visual artist Marisol Limon Martinez’s third book, Via Dissimulata, uses the book as a frame & a portal: phrases and images echo, cycle, and stutter as the book-length poem accrues meanings both archetypal and personal—from the wilderness and the rebus to seven pills taken with water. Via Dissimulata explores ideas of the body, family, gender, culture, and speech, how these extend beyond dichotomies into permeable layering of ideas. It integrates visual studies for a five-panel painting that includes the text of the entire poem with poetry that uses the space of the page as another canvas, by turns minimalist and expressionist. Via Dissimulata tracks the tensions between the individual and the metaphysical, with poetry precise as it is harrowing, haunting as it is lovely.

"Via Dissimulata is a hauntingly beautiful collection of deep truths and abstract emotions. Be prepared to feel feelings. Take your time. Meditate on every word and image. Savor the experience. You’ll be grateful you did."

“A journey in two media of expression, visual art and poetry, in two languages, English and Latin; Via Dissimulata complements Marisol Limon Martinez’s 2005 masterpiece After You, Dearest Language. In her work, Martinez is assembling a striking oeuvre before our eyes.”

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