Honorary Men
Honorary Men

Honorary Men is a journey through time, memory, culture, gender, and music from a poet, musician, and visual artist whose travels across India take her to unexpected places in her own history.

. . . a complex work, juxtaposing its author’s own childhood memories with anecdotes about how she is perceived by strangers, by family, by colleagues. Adding another wrinkle to this is her background in music: the teacher who told her, “You play like a man”; the musicians she interacts with on a trip to India. Honorary Men asks big questions, but comes at them in unpredictable ways, venturing into distinctive territory and forming a narrative few others could.
- Tobias Carroll, The Zinophile, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Nonfiction chapbook publisher GUILLOTINE has just made its newest offering, Honorary Men, available. A fascinating, incisive essay by Marisol Limon Martinez, the essay weaves together childhood musical escapes, gender politics, and travel in India for a thoughtful look at identity, and the way our environment gives shape to who we are and who we are perceived to be.
- Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week, Montreal

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